Zoco Comidero Bar

Welcome to La Latina’s flexitarian restaurant: Zoco Comidero Bar.

A healthy food heaven where you can find cold pressed juices, vegan desserts and one of the best vegetarian hamburgers in town.

Non-vegetarians – don’t worry! They also serve fish, meat, breakfast and brunch of all types.

What’s even better? They have delivery! And a menu del dia for just 12,90€.


The restaurant:

The location is ideal, just over Segovia bridge in La Latina and to the left, steps from the Royal Palace.

The decor is warm, with earth tones and plants hanging from the walls. It has long tables, bench seating and stools at the bar.

It’s small, but we liked that. It gives the place a really familiar feeling, even more so because the waitress was lovely.

What we ordered:

Brunch Venezolano:


Venezuelan brunch:

Layers of granola, natural yogurt and banana, with a pack of agave on the side in case you don’t like the slightly sour taste of the yogurt.


Next was a croissant served with butter and jam and the juice of the day. The croissant left a bit to desire, but the juice of the day (strawberry!) was awesome.


Next came an arepa. It had a great corn meal texture and the flavour, combined with the avocado and chicken filling, created a nice savoury dish. It was really filling, too – so much so that we (almost) didn’t want dessert.

Hamburguesa vegetariana:


In the meantime, I was enjoying what the waitress promised would be the best vegetarian burger in town. She wasn’t wrong. A combination of mushrooms, carrots, onions, red beans and couscous, topped with cashew ‘cheese’, mixed greens and a flambéed banana, it was a strange and delicious combination.

It was a little messy to eat, but nothing a knife and fork couldn’t fix. It was also really filling so I took half of it home and enjoyed it for lunch the next day. The side of sweet potato fries were good, although we prefer them a bit crispier.


This is a healthy dessert. This sugar-free avocado-cocoa brownie had a bitter note, which for dark chocolate lovers like me was perfect. It came with blueberries, lychees and a banana with chopped nuts on top. I loved it. My company, who treats the term ‘healthy dessert’ like a dirty word, was also pretty impressed.

We also loved that the coffee came with a variety of different milk choices – lactose free, soy, skin. I opted for almond and left a satisfied customer.


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