Yakitoro by Chicote

Yakitoro by Chicote

Yakibokata de chipirones con tomate, alioli y cebolletas

Fellow Top Chef/Kitchen Nightmares fans, this one’s for you!

Yakitoro by Chicote is the brain child of well-known chef and TV personality Alberto Chicote.

There are two locations, one just off of Gran Via and the other next to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Both serve food inspired by Japanese Yakitori (essentially street stall skewered chicken) but with a Spanish twist.

We visited the Gran Via location (Calle de la Reina, 41) after having a drink at the nearby San Anton Market. We chose a variety of different skewers, buns, bites and desserts. To see what we loved, keep reading! For the full menu, click here.

The restaurant:


The restaurant, a ground floor, semi-circular unit encased in glass, has a light, airy feel. The waiters and waitresses, dressed in army green jumpsuits, give the classic decor an edgy feel, in tune with the rock music playing (System of a Down, White Stripes and Offspring came on while we were there, to name a few).

We loved the ice buckets built into the tables (perfect for keeping the ginormous Heineken we ordered cool) and the open grill in the centre of the room where all the skewers are cooked.

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What we ordered:

Yakibokata – Cordero con tzatziki


Yakibokata – Lamb with tzatziki

The bun was soft and the lamb was tender. The tzatziki was fresh, with a really great, distinctly cucumber-mint taste. The yakibokatas are single servings, but we enjoyed splitting them just to get a taste.

Patatas fritas en tempura con salsa de sésamo tostado

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French fries with a toasted sesame sauce

These potatoes were amazing. They were thin and crispy. The sauce was salty and savoury with a touch of green onion on top. Most importantly, the potatoes stayed crisp (not a single soggy fry!) until the end of our meal. We don’t know how they managed, but we liked it.

Yakibokata de chipirones con tomate, alioli y cebolletas

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Yakibokata – Grilled baby squid with tomato, garlic sauce and spring onions

The best part of this yakibokata was the charcoal flavour of the squid. It was crispy, tender and smoky all at the same time.

Albóndigas picantes de pollo y tocineta ibérica


Spicy chicken meatballs 

These were a tad spicy and a bit sweet as well. They were denser than your typical meatball which put us off at first, but the more we ate, the more we liked them. The flavour won us over in the end.

Entrecostillas de wagyu lacado


Wagyu ribs grilled in a teriyaki sauce

We saved the best for last. THESE WERE AWESOME. The quality of beef was excellent and the sauce was to die for. We would go back again and again, just for this.

Cookie de dos chocolates y helado de vainilla


Double chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream

This cookie was so warm that steam was coming off between it and the ice cream. It was also soft and succulent with big chunks of hazelnuts


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