Vecchia Milano

We’re a tad afraid to share this post. Vecchia Milano is dangerously near our houses and it’s already pretty difficult to get a reservation due to its cozy size.

But, we’re all friends here! And friend’s share secrets. So here’s one: Vecchia Milano is one of Fooding Madrid‘s favourite Italian restaurants in the city.


The restaurant:

The entrance is pretty nondescript, just a small door tucked between a garage and a Sabadell bank, so you need to keep your eye’s peeled. We didn’t even notice Vecchia Milano until it was recommended to us by a friend.

Inside, there’s a small bar to the right followed by a long hallway appearing to go nowhere. But head past that bar and down that hallway, you’ll find a very homey, living-room-like eating area, with old, black and white pictures and posters on the quaint, brick walls.

The Italian owner’s warm, familiar treatment of his customers also makes you feel like you’re coming home again.


What we tried:

Ensalada de burratavecchia-milano-arguelles-italian-food-burrata-salad

Rich, flavourful burrata, spicy, crunchy arugula, fresh, well-dressed tomatoes – an uncomplicated, unbeatable salad. It’s a classic, and they do it right.

Tortelloni verti con salsa bolognese

This was my pick! And, full disclosure, it usually is. Sometimes I branch out and get the gnocchi, which are also amazing, but these… THESE… are the perfect combination of flavours. The pasta is cooked perfectly, the ricotta inside is delicate and light and, of course, as any true Italian restaurant should, they have perfected the bolognese sauce.

It’s not too saucy, the meat is abundant. They also put parmesan cheese on the table so you can sprinkle to your liking. And sprinkle generously, we did.

Lasagna verdi alla bolognese

This I would say is fairly similar to the one above, except with layers rather than tortelloni and the lovely addition of fresh mozzarella to the top. Equally delicious, it just depends on how you like your combination of meat, cheese and pasta!

Penne al’arrabiata

A friend of ours liked this dish so much she went home and tried to recreate it in her own kitchen (she claims it didn’t turn out quite so well). Penne pasta with a slightly spicy tomato sauce plus tons of garlic and fresh parsley on top.

Side note: The wine that was chose (pictured to the left behind the pasta, a Chianti Reserva) was awesome.

Pizza Margherita

Another classic done well. The pizzas here are cooked perfectly, with a crispy, light crust, the perfect amount of sauce and bubbling, golden cheese.

They have 16 different kinds on their menu. We’ve tried a few (and so far haven’t chosen wrong!) and this one is definitely our fave.



I’m not a huge fan of tiramisu, so naturally I wasn’t thrilled about this choice of dessert. But guess what? It was GREAT. Creamy, crunchy and rich. Thanks, friends! I may not order tiramisu in other restaurants, but I wouldn’t think twice about ordering this one again.


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  1. Susan Eliason

    25 July

    This restaurant looks amazing!! Maybe…just maybe we’ll get a chance to visit it when we come to Madrid next August.

    Oh…and the descriptions of the food were great! I could almost taste the food. Whoever took the photos did a fantastic job!! Looks professionally done!!

    Good work ladies!!

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