Fooding Madrid’s Guide to Ice Cream in the C...

Fooding Madrid’s Guide to Ice Cream in the City

Heladerías en Madrid: Creamies

With these crazy high temperatures – and how much we love eating ice cream – we thought it important to compile a list of our nine favourite ice cream parlours: Fooding Madrid’s Guide to Ice Cream in the City.

We’ve included the classics like Palazzo and Kalúa and some innovative options like Creamies, La Pecera or Rocambolesc by Jordi Roca. Then there’s Galician Gamela and Bico de Xeado, the ever-successful Mistura and the super fresh Lolo Polos. Read on!

Fooding Madrid’s Guide to Ice Cream map:

1. Kalúa

Heladería Kalúa


They have two locations, both on calle Fuencarral and just a few steps from each other (numbers 131 & 149) between Bilbao and Quevedo.

Why we like it:

The quality of the ice cream. The price. The huge assortment of flavours – from the usual to the more exotic (carrot cake, cheesecake, brownie and donuts).

This is our favourite ice cream parlour!


They have cones and cups in different sizes for different prices, starting from 2.80€ for a generous two-scoop cup.

2. Lolo’s Polos

Lolo Polos Heladería Madrid


Malasaña. Calle Espíritu Santo, 16.

Why we like it:

They’re fun, refreshing, natural popsicles! They have all different kinds – even spicy – like watermelon, lime and mint, pineapple, salt and chili or cucumber, lime and rose water. A super healthy option!


While it’s not the price you’d normally pay for a popsicle (2.95€) Lolo is not your typical popsicle.

3. Creamies

Creamies Heladería Madrid


Malasaña. Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 30.

Why we like it:

Because what they have is a bit different – ice cream sandwiches! You choose the kind of cookie you want: chocolate chip, white chocolate, double chocolate chip, even donut.

Then you choose the ice cream. It’s not the widest selection but they’re different. They have vanilla with cookies, yogurt with berries, Ferrero Roche… even a bubble gum flavoured option named ‘movida madrileña’.

Last, but not least, you choose your topping – cereal, chopped peanuts, chocolate… and voilà! Ice cream sandwich in Madrid.


The regular size costs 3.20€ and the XXL 5.90€.

4. Rocambolesc

Rocambolesc Heladería Madrid


On the 7th floor of the El Corte Inglés at Castellana, 52.

Why we like it:

We loved the experience. This ice cream parlour by Joan Roca, one of the Roca brothers, offers an experience for all the senses. They have cones, cups and a type of hot sandwich with ice cream inside called a ‘panet’.

Although there aren’t many different types of ice cream again – they have yogurt, vanilla, baked apple, chocolate and two other kinds of sorbet – the originality comes from the toppings here; they have every color and type you could imagine.


From 3.95€ to 4.75€.


5. La Pecera

La Pecera Heladería Madrid


Also in Malasaña (it would seem we don’t get around much, but there are just always so many new things and we don’t want to miss a single one!).

Calle Velarde, 2, just a few meters from Creamies.

Why we like it:

Because it’s a fish! It’s normal ice cream, but you can choose between a cone, cup or a ‘Taiyaki‘ – a hot, fish-shaped cone with a waffle-like texture that’s popular in Japan. We suppose about 99.9% of people choose the fish.

Then you choose if you want a chocolate or vanilla fish and what kind of soft-serve ice cream. They also have different kinds of special fish, for example the Pez Lima has vanilla ice cream, cookies, white chocolate and lemon milk, or the Pez Nuba has chocolate ice cream, cookies, roasted marshmallow, chocolate and Nutella.  There are 10 different combinations to choose from!

It’s also possible to choose another type of soft serve, like matcha tea, and then the toppings – some of the options include salty or sweet popcorn and cotton candy.


From 3.50€.

6. Gamela

Gamela Heladería Madrid


In the city centre, right between Chueca and Malasaña. Calle Pérez Galdós, 5, one of the pedestrian-only streets perpendicular to Fuencarral.

Why we like it:

Because there have been so many people from the north celebrating its arrival to Madrid for the past few months we figure it must be for something, right?

This Galician ice cream shop has brought their famous ‘popitos‘, homemade ice cream bars. You choose the covering and the toppings and they make it. They also have cups, frozen yogurt, milkshakes and smoothes. They have gluten-free and vegan options. Popitos for everyone!


Ice cream bars from 3€ and cups from 2.50€.

7. Mistura

Mistura Heladería Madrid


There are a few around the city (see our map ⬆ for the one closest to you).

Why we like it:

The creamy and rich texture of their homemade ice creams. How do they do it? Mixing up the ice cream in front of you on a cool slab of granite.

Their flavours range from vanilla to yogurt, caramel with fleur de sel to passionfruit. They also have toppings like different nuts, jams, chocolates and brownie!

Mistura also has sorbets that are made with 50% fresh fruit.


The smallest cup with one topping costs 2.60€ (or 4.20€ with three toppings while the 500ml to-go containers cost 7.50€).

8. Bico de Xeado

Bico de Xeado Heladería Madrid


In Chamberí. Calle Luchana, 3, next to Glorieta de Bilbao. You can also find their stuff in different places like Toma Café or La Tita Rivera.

Why we like it:

Because their ice cream is made with 100% fresh, natural milk that comes from their farm in O Cancelo, (La Coruña). We also appreciate that their ice cream is gluten free and that they have some products for diabetics.

Even though there’s not a huge selection, we love what they have – especially their basil ice cream!


The small cup (above) is 3.20€ and the 500ml to-go container costs 12€.

9. Palazzo

heladería palazzo Madrid


There are so many in Madrid (see our map ⬆ for the one closest to you).

Why we like it:

This is a Madrid classic. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with Palazzo. They have cones and cups. One, two or three scoops. Horchatas and shaved ice.

Most importantly, they have Italian ice cream of every flavour (up to 30!). Their portions are extremely generous and you can find them on almost every corner. Their strawberry ice cream is simple, but we haven’t tried another one quite like it!


The small cup (above) is 3€ and the 500ml to-go container costs 7€.

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