La Duquesita

And the prize for Fooding Madrid’s Best Chocolate Palm Puff Pastry (Palmera) goes to… La Duquesita – a hundred-year old confectionary shop that can be found just meters from the Alonso Martinez metro stop, in the charming Justicia neighbourhood.

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This crispy puff pastry, butter flavour and thin layer of dark chocolate, all make for an excellent bite. It’s medium-sized, neither huge nor tiny (for those that don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, having half and saving the other half for later is also a great option, although, honestly, we can’t imagine that anyone could resist finishing it all at once). It’s 100% worth the 2,80 euros. It cheers up even the dreariest days.
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There are also palmeras without chocolate… but we haven’t tried them. Maybe next time.

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La Duquesita was created in 1914. Last summer, it ended a successful era that saw three generations grow up inside its doors to start a new, equally successful era months later with the famous baker, Oriol Balaguer, at the helm. Their excellent products, with traditional sweets (like the famous palmeras and other baked goods) along with others that are more innovative, are what make this visit satisfying to any palate.

The shop:

la duquesita 10

The store itself is charming. It still has a traditional air about it, with beautiful glass cases displaying all its succulent pastries and cute, colourful sweets alongside boxes of chocolates of all different sizes. They also offer different flavoured cakes to go.

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While it’s not the perfect place to take a long coffee break, like its neighbour Mamá Framboise, there are some stools where you can enjoy a coffee or tea while savouring one of their sweet treats.

la duquesita 4

la duequesita 3

La duquesita 1



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