Condumios Taberna

One could say that Madrid is divided into two groups of people: those who love going to the Rastro on Sundays and those who don’t, those who love going for a walk down Gran Vía and those who don’t, those who love Atlético de Madrid and those who love Real Madrid… we could go on.

In matters of gastronomy there’s also a clear line that separates one Madrid from the other – the casquería (offal).

If you’re in the group that loves casquería, you’re in luck: Condumios Taberna‘s menu offers duck liver, tripe and beef tongue.

The restaurant:

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Located very close to Retiro park, in Los Jerónimos neighbourhood, Condumios is part tavern, part restaurant. The upstairs area has stools, high (and low) tables, while the downstairs area has a dining room and a wine cellar.

There are also some tables just outside the front door where you can enjoy the great food in the nice weather. We love a good terrace!

The service is awesome and the servers are excellent. We here at Fooding love to ask questions/for recommendations and they answered us with pleasure and detail.

What we tried:

Aperitivo – Hummus y paté

Aperitivo de Taberna Condumios de hummus y paté con tostas

As an appetizer we were given hummus and pâté with thin pieces of toast. All homemade, simple and delicious.

Croquetas de jamón y de gambas al ajillo

croquetas de jamón y de gambas al ajillo de Taberna Condumios

Ham and garlic shrimp croquettes

“This is one of our specialities,” they told us. “Well then, we’ll each have one of each!” we said.

The best part about these croquettes was that they didn’t have that typical bechamel flavour. The jamon croquette really tasted like jamon, and the garlic shrimp really tasted like garlic shrimp.

The flavour was spot on, the crisp was perfect and the filling was deliciously creamy. We would give these a definite 10/10 – and that’s not easy to get!

Ensaladilla rusa

Ensaladilla rusa de Taberna Condumios

Ensaladilla is a classic that we think should always be available at Spanish taverns, and they have it here. It’s the typical ensaladilla (although there are quite a few versions nowadays) with a nice presentation. We liked it quite a lot.

It’s also worth noting that we really liked the bread Condumios had to offer. The basket came with a variety of different types, including focaccia. A good bread always helps make for a good meal!

Revuelto de bacalao al estilo portugués

Revuelto de bacalao al estilo portugués de Taberna Condumios

Portuguese-style scrambled cod

Skimming over the menu we were surprised to see among the Spanish meats, cheeses and casquería, some Portugese dishes, like this plate of scrambled eggs with cod. The reason? The kinship between Spanish and Portugal. We love the idea, and the dish. ❤

We loved it just as much as, or more than, some of the same dishes we’ve tried in Lisbon. The quality of the free-range eggs definitely gave it a special touch of added flavour and texture.

Lengua de ternera estofada

Lengua de ternera estofada de Taberna Condumios

Stewed beef tongue

Since Madrid, and Fooding Madridis divided into those that love offal and those that don’t, if there’s a tongue on the menu, we’ve got to order it, just to try.

This stewed beef tongue is served in extremely thin slices, covered with a delicious parsnip sauce. If you’re on the side of the former (the casquería lovers) don’t think twice about ordering this dish – it’s scrumptious!

Filetes de pollo campero con salvia y trigueros

Filetes de pollo campeor con salvia y trigueros de Taberna Condumios

Chicken with ham, sage and wild asparagus

This dish is as tasty as it is uncomplicated. Chicken breast with a slice of ham, a sage leaf and wild sautéed asparagus.

This dish  sums up the essence of Condumios: high quality product prepared simply and, more importantly, perfectly.

Doce da casa

Doce da casa - Postre de Taberna Condumios

This was another Portugese dish on the menu. It’s a recipe that’s been passed down for generations. It’s one part pudding, one part chocolate and one part whipped cream. It’s really pleasant and the portion was quite generous so we advise is to share!

Tarta de queso de cabra y salsa de naranja

Tarta de queso de cabra y salsa de naranja. Postre de Taberna Condumios

Goat cheese cheesecake with an orange sauce

The goat cheese is not just in the name here, the flavour of goat cheese is extremely potent – perhaps a bit too much for our tastes. This is another one to share, due to both its size and the fact that it’s extremely filling.

Final note!: Condumios offers menú del día, an extensive menu of tapas and list of carefully selected wines.

At a glance Condumios Taberna

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