Quinta de los Molinos park

Quinta de los Molinos park

Cerezos de Quinta de los Molinos de Madrid

Going for a walk is another one of the ‘bueno, bonito y barato’ (good, beautiful and cheap) plans  – especially since it’s totally free – that we love. We mentioned it when we wrote about the ‘Todo es Felicidá’ facade (which has now completely disappeared) and now we’re telling you again so that we can mention a great park that most people don’t know about: Quinta de los Molinos.

It’s a public garden in the Salvador neighbourhood, which is located in the San Blas-Canillejas district. There are many different ways to get in, but the main entrance is off of calle Alcalá, just outside of metro Suanzes. Metro Suanzes is on line 5 (green) and only takes about 20 minutes from Alonso Martínez station.

Quinta de los Molinos is more than 25-hectares of green space. It has lots of different plants, but it’s famous for its almond trees that bloom in February or March.

Walking through this garden relaxes and energizes us at the same time. We would highly recommend a visit! Yes, Retiro is awesome and we love it, too – but there are lots of parks in Madrid!

Here are some of the pictures we took on our last walked through Quinta de los Molinos. The almond trees weren’t in bloom, but it was still way worth the visit!




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