Bosco de Lobos

Parpadelle con ratú al vino tinto de Bosco de Lobos

We want to put the word out: There’s a restaurant in the middle of Chueca where you can eat, lounge and (until November 1st) see the 2016 World Press Photo Exhibition.

First, the restaurant:

Located inside COAM (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid) this is undoubtedly one of the most serene urban spaces we’ve seen. When you walk the main entrance from calle Hortaleza you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself surrounded by lush green gardens and modern glass buildings.


To your left there’s Bosco de Lobos, with its large terrace and interiors that look like they’ve come directly out of a design magazine, including a library-styled dining room and sleek, industrial bar.



What we tried:

We’ve visited Bosco twice; once during the day and once at night. Our dining experience was much better at night, although the outdoor space could be considered more enjoyable during the day.

At night:

Croquetas de berenjena y parmigiano


Eggplant and parmesan croquettes

These croquettes had a mild sweetness from the eggplant and a strong parmesan flavour which complemented each other perfectly. They came in a serving of six – the perfect amount.

Ceviche de pescado blanco con ají amarillo, naranja y sal negra

Ceviche Bosco de LobosWhite fish ceviche with yellow pepper sauce, orange, and black salt

We were obsessed with this ceviche. It had a spiciness that was balanced by the strong acidity of the orange. The seasoning of the black salt was spot on. All in all, a well-executed dish. Strongly recommended (for those who love ceviche, of course!).

Pizza de burrata, rúcula y tomate seco


Pizza with burrata, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes

The look of this pizza is deceiving. It appears that there isn’t enough cheese and too much sauce. Well, wrong! The burrata was creamy and delicious and the sauce had a nice, but not overwhelming flavour. The crust was a great consistency and thickness and the saltiness from the sun-dried tomatoes helped really round this one out.

During the day:

We tried the tuna but were underwhelmed. It was cold when it arrived and we can only assume that it’s because they took too long to bring it to our table (there was a considerable wait time). The texture of the potato purée was too thick for our tastes.


We also wanted to try dessert, but they didn’t have the ones we wanted, unfortunately. So, on this trip, we can only really recommend the pasta.

Pappardelle con ragú de carne al vino tinto

Pappardelle con ragú de carne al vino tintoPappardelle with red wine beef ragout

Mmm.. this pasta was a tad al dente (which for one half of Fooding Madrid is a super plus) and the sauce was to die for. The portion was a bit small to share, but we managed, sopping up all the meaty, winey goodness with our bread.

The exhibition:

Little did we know when we went for lunch that the 2016 World Press Photo Madrid was taking place in the COAM building across the courtyard. So, after eating, we strolled over and gave it a shot. It was awesome!


If you don’t know (we didn’t!) the World Press Photo Exhibition has been taking place since 1955, showcasing the best work done by photojournalists all around the world. Below you’ll see some examples of their work.


1st Prize Stories: Tim Laman, USA for National Geographic


2nd Prize Singles: Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

The exhibition is open until November 1st. They are open from Monday to Friday, 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00 (perfect for a before/after lunch or dinner visit) and Saturdays from 11:00-21:00. Prices range from 3-5 euros. For more information, click here.

Have you visited? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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