Paschi Cocina Peruana y Pisco Bar

Paschi Cocina Peruana y Pisco Bar


Paschi Cocina Peruana y Pisco Bar in Pozuelo is a Peruvian surprise to delight all the senses.

The restaurant:

Tucked around the corner on a pedestrian side street, they have a nice outdoor seating area and an even lovelier indoor bar/dining room with some hightop tables towards the front and regular tables of all sizes towards the back.

The dining room was full when we arrived, but we still managed to get a small table with no reservation. People were chatting but it wasn’t loud by any means. The tables were filled with mostly families and small groups of friends. The high-tops in the bar area filled in towards the end of our meal.

What we tried:

It all started with this menu and these appetizers. They tempted us…

…into trying so many different things that we just decided to go with the tasting menu (35€/per person).

Best. Decision. Ever.

Bread & Butter

Normally we wouldn’t write about the bread and butter but it was ginger and lime bread (!!) and a deliciously salty smoked butter.

Look at those big chunks of ginger…

Causa anticuchada

Cold, cooked octopus over an octopus-ink, pressed potato topped with a spearmint garnish and served with ají sauce.

We polished this off quickly and then they brought us the pisco sour – also included in the menu.

Strong. Tangy.  Slightly bitter. Crushed ice. Perfect.

Tiradito de Pez Mantequilla

There are no words. Savoury, silky butterfish, white corn, sweet potato, red quinoa and a passionfruit sauce.

The combination of these ingredients was out of this world. Mildly spicy with a punch of citrus from the lime. Crunchy, earth red quinoa. The incredible balance of flavours and textures in this dish made it by far our favourite.

Cebiche de Corvina

I think I was so excited from the last course that I dug right into this one without taking the ‘pretty picture’. Sorry. Nonetheless it still looks beautiful and let me assure you it was also delicious!

Seabees ceviche served with two types of corn, sweet potato, pickled red onion in a leche de tigre marinade. This one had a milder flavour than the tiradito, with a delicious seafood aroma and flavour combining with the citrus marinade and just a tad of spice.

Ají de Gallina

Made with free-range chicken breast, this modern take on ají de gallina was served over a base of boiled potatoes in a rich ají sauce, topped with a boiled quail egg, sliced almonds and crunchy black olives. A nice, warm – and filling – dish.

Lomo Salteado de Solomillo

An interesting departure from the previous courses, this sirloin was served in a soy sauce along with crispy potatoes, tomatoes and a small portion of white rice and peas (not pictured).

The meat was super tender and the combination of the meat with the potato, followed by the freshness of the tomato, was a nice surprise. Being so different from the others, it was nice to the range of things to choose from.

Before serving us dessert, we were given this pisco sour granizado with lychee and a crispy coconut chip. We slurped it right up.

Lemon pie

Not your typical lemon pie, with a lemon dulce de leche on top of a cookie crust, topped with a lemon meringue and a basil coulis.

We finished the tasting menu pleasantly full and completely satisfied with everything we had tried.

Although all of the options are also on the full menu (in larger portions, of course), we may go back just to eat the tasting menu again. And again. And again…


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