Paperboy Perrito Bar

Paperboy Perrito Bar

Hot dogs, hot dogs, read all about them! International flavours meet the classic wiener in bright and cozy Paperboy Perrito Bar.

The restaurant:

The decor is homey, with decal-covered walls and hundreds of post-its filling cork boards near the bar while upstairs you’ve got picnic-like tables and benches. The restaurant can hold about 30 people.

Source: Paperboy Perrito Bar

Photo source: Paperboy Perrito Bar


The dogs:

The hot dogs are named after newspapers from around the world (hence, Paperboy) and the ingredients play on that theme. There are 12 flavour combinations.

For example, the Italian La República has mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, black olives and homemade pesto. El País offered a Spanish flavour with brie, damon serrano, arugula and artisanal ketchup.

And you can choose your dog! Do you want frankfurt, bratwurst, chicago (beef), fricandele (chicken) or tofu? (Yes, vegetarians, they’ve got perritos for you, too!)

We weren’t able to try all 12 dogs (not for lack of trying), so here’s a summary of our faves…

What we ordered:



These are like mozzarella sticks, but not. Instead of being covered in bread crumbs, they’re like a delicious-gooey-rich-melted-cheese-filled croissant/biscuit. We loved them!

The ratio of crust to cheese was perfect, and the sauce they came with (a garlicky cilantro avocado dip) was light and fresh.

The AS dog


…with cheddar cheese, chicken, fried onion, crispy bacon, avocado and a sweet corn sauce.

We think the best part of this dog was the chicken on top. It was SO crispy and juicy. We would have eaten an entire plate of the chicken alone. The bacon was crunchy too, and the corn sauce added a completely unexpected and pleasant sweet note.

Also, check out the shape of the fries. Perfect for scooping up your favourite condiment.

The Caribe dog:


…with gouda cheese, pulled beef, mango chutney, banana chips and salsa verde.

I went into Paperboy Perrito Bar saying I was absolutely not going to try the Caribe dog. Bananas on a hot dog? Yuck! Well I was WRONG. Bananas on a hot dog – delicious! They were actually dried banana chips, which gave this dog a sweet taste and crunchy texture. That, paired with the ever-so-slightly spicy pulled beef, made this one a total winner.

The New York Times:


…with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, fried onion, crispy bacon and homemade BBQ sauce.

This is a classic taken to a new level. The classic cheddar cheese and fried onion topping never fails.

We also loved that it had a tasty grilled flavour that we felt the others were lacking.



We tried the (clockwise from top) blondie cookie, Nutella crepe and carrot cake.

Our favourite was the cookie, which had little bits of toffee and chocolate in it and was served warm with vanilla ice cream on top. It had soft insides and crispy edges, just as (we think) a cookie should.




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