Perrine Hutin: “Café Comercial and La Duques...

Perrine Hutin: “Café Comercial and La Duquesita are my favourite places in Madrid”

Perrine Hutin - Mi Madrid

Name: Perrine Hutin

Born in: París, Francia

Currently in: París

  • Have you ever lived in Madrid?

Yes, for 16 months. I was working for a French company.
  •  When did you first come to Madrid?

In December 2008. My first memory is of Paseo de Recoletos because I lived a few weeks in Colón.
  • What’s your favourite bar in Madrid? 

Café Comercial (although I don’t know if you’d technically qualify it as a ‘bar’)
  • Favourite restaurant?

Does La Duquesita count? If not, Mercado de San Miguel.

Bollería y pastas de La Duquesita

  •  Favourite Spanish food?

It’s difficult for me to decide between to the classics: tortilla, manchego cheese, the jamón…
  • Favourite neighbourhood?

Chamberí and Malasaña.
  • Favourite place?

Plaza de Olavide, because it’s quiet and there is always somewhere available to have some tapas and a caña in the sun.

Plaza de Olavide de Madrid

  •  What do you like most about Madrid?

The weather! And the extended timetable, it makes it seem like there are a few days happening in one (although it did take me a while to get used to the eating schedule). 
  •  What do you miss the most?

The weather! And my roommate.
  • What are three things you think a tourist shouldn’t miss in Madrid?

Retiro Park and its Crystal Palace, a walk around Malasaña and one of the museums (I personally like Museo Sorolla).
  •  If you only had 24 hours in Madrid, what would you do?

Visit my friends and eat some delicious food.

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