We can’t say enough good things about Membibre. The food is fresh, the flavours are fabulous and the service is spot on. This is one of our new neighbourhood favourites, for sure!


The restaurant:

It’s divided into three parts; the front bar, an area leading from the bar to the dining room with high-tops and the dining room itself. The food you can order depends on where you sit, so make sure you ask what menu you have access to when making a reservation.

We sat in the section with the high-tops, which was much better than we expected. The tables were super comfortable; they were high tables but instead of stools they had long, padded benches. We loved the rustic decoration and lighting, and the fact that there are casual and formal dining options.

What we ordered:

empanada-membibreThis delicious beef empanada came as an appetizer before we even had our meal. It was light, flaky and a nice amuse-bouche. The generous glass of red wine the waiter recommended was just as great.

We’re usually pretty indecisive and so it was a pleasure to have a waiter that was so forthcoming with his recommendations. We essentially let him order for us and he didn’t lead us astray! We loved everything.

Gambas a la sartén


The first thing to arrive at the table were these shrimp, al ajillo style but better. They were simmering in a delicious garlic oil that we sopped up afterwards with our bread (they charge here for bread, FYI). Rather than the usual tiny, tough shrimp, these were plump and juicy and not overcooked at all.

Risotto negro de calamares


The second dish to arrive was this black squid risotto. We could immediately smell the parmesan when it got to our table and it definitely had that creamy, rich texture that you would expect. The squid was cooked well, although maybe a bit scarce. But the rice was spot on.

Albóndiga de rabo de toro con puré de patata ahumada


We don’t know if oxtail meatballs are the new thing, but if they are SIGN US UP. Tender, flavourful oxtail, shredded and shaped into a ball before being lightly fried and then served on a creamy, buttery potato puree… What could be better?

Pulpo en brasa de encina


The last thing we shared (before dessert, of course) was this oak-grilled octopus. Overall, there was nice smoky flavour on the octopus which was mirrored in the chunky, paprika potatoes. The octopus was nicely cooked and finished with salt flakes and fried onions. Yum!

Texturas de chocolate 


This was such a fun dessert! Different shapes, sizes, flavours and, of course, textures: A chocolate volcano, white chocolate chunks, malt balls, chocolate-covered peanuts, a mini-chocolate cake, milk-chocolate ice cream and a raspberry coulis (!!).


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