Mama Framboise

Mama Framboise

On Friday, we went for a quick weekday breakfast. We were finally able to try a place we’ve been wanting to try forever: Mama Framboise!

Located in the bustling barrio of Alonso Martinez, this boulangerie-style bakery is within arm’s reach of tons of other trendy boutiques, restaurants and bars. It’s a great place to stop for breakfast before pursuing the shops and/or a quick coffee after eating or dining.

I guess this is one of the reasons it’s always busy. A few times we’ve had to wait. A few other times we’ve looked inside and realized that getting a table was impossible. One time we even walked in just to get the chairs taken out (nearly) right from under us! Two seconds too late.

Alas, this Friday we made it inside! We sat. And while I opted for an iced coffee with a flaky, french butter croissant, my companion ordered a ham and cheese croissant and the hot brew.


Both arrived on the cutest dishware, charmingly antique and chic. We both kept commenting on how much we loved everything around us, right down the oil holder and how beautiful the distressed wood table was. Beauty is in the details, after all.

We also ordered a carrot cake (to share, of course). True, it’s tiny, but honestly we wouldn’t have wanted a bite more. It is so rich and creamy, four euros will you get the perfect morning treat.


This vibrant orange and green delicacy is built from a base of scrumptiously moist carrot cake, topped with a carrot ganache and mousse, further topped with a merengue and then covered in chocolate crumble! Plus, it’s cute as a button.

In light of the frustrating quality of trying and failing to get a table on different occasions, we might not venture to come back here on a weekend for a seated meal, but we would absolutely not hesitate to order to-go any time we pass by and eat it on a bench if we had to (and we did this time, too!).

And if not that, well, then we would definitely come back for another, perfect Friday morning snack.


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