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We have to confess that Mamá Campo had a big advantage before we even tried it. It’s in one of our favourite plazas in Madrid, Plaza de Olavide. This small square (or circle, really), that’s full of life in the summer because of its multiple terraces, is the centre of the square formed by Fuencarral, Eloy Gonzalo, Santa Engracia and Luchana Streets in Chamberi.

The vibe and location are amazing, but in Plaza de Olavide there’s a bit of everything where quality is concerned. Bad, not great, good and very good. And Fooding Madrid puts Mamá Campo in that last category. Its concept of restaurant and grocery shop with organic products, which is just around the corner,  attracted us from the first minute.

The restaurant:

Mamá Campo Plaza de Olavide Madrid

The decoration is rustic with a certain country feel that you notice even before walking in.

Terraza Mamá Campo en Plaza de Olavide Madrid

The fact that Mamá Campo has a terrace is everything. Who doesn’t like sitting on a terrace in Madrid’s amazing spring-summer-autum weather? We love it. The yellow, blue and white chairs and tables make the place even more colourful and cheerful.

MAMA CAMPO Plaza de Olavide Madrid

There are high stools next to the bar and tables of all different sizes, including a round one, which to us always seems like a good idea when we’re a group of five or more. Having a conversation that everyone can participate in is so much more entertaining. Another positive!

What we tried:

MAMÁ CAMPO plaza de Olavide Madrid

This appetizer that they served, with salmon and seaweed, had a bunch of other ingredients that they explained and that we didn’t have time to write down. Needless to say, the service was awesome. They explained everything in detail.

MAMÁ CAMPO plaza de Olavide Madrid

This bread is real bread. The menu says it comes from Javier Marca, from the famous bakery Panic in Conde Duque.

These slices came from a loaf that had a… well, a bread flavour. No, really, that says a lot! There are a ton of places where the bread is so chewy and bland that it can screw up the meal.

Gnocchi de calabaza con crema Idiazábal y chalotas asadas

Mamá Campo Plaza de Olavide Madrid

Pumpkin gnocchi with Idiazábal cheese sauce and roasted shallots

This takes the prize for best plate by far – and it wasn’t out first time in Mamá Campo. The smooth texture and flavour of the gnocchis contrasted with the strong flavour of the sauce. The crunch from the shallots and the surprise of the cherry tomatoes, which we confused with the gnocchis, that we only discovered once we were eating. This is one of those dishes that really makes a place worth a return visit.

Merluza asada con brócoli, patata ahumada, consomé de hierbas salvajes y almejas

MAMÁ CAMPO Plaza de Olavide Madrid

Roasted hake with broccoli and smoked potato in a wild herb and clam broth

A great dish mostly because the hake was fantastic. But, honestly, the fact that followed a dish that we loved so much definitely made it the runner-up.

Nuestra tarta de limón y merengue

MAMÁ CAMPO Plaza de Olavide Madrid

Our lemon and meringue pie

This was nothing like your typical lemon pie. The lemon cream, with a potent citrus flavour, was covered with what could have been crispy, crumbled cookies and torched meringue (according to what they told us!) and raspberries. It was quite good, although maybe a little strong for those who don’t love citrus flavours.

If we had to criticize something, it would be that the cream was a bit too thin, which made it pretty difficult to eat without something falling off our spoon…

Advice: We recommend that you make a reservation because it tends to be pretty full. They’re just as friendly by phone as they are in person, so better to be safe than sorry.


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