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Fooding Madrid is half North American, half Spanish, as you already know, and it’s still not exactly clear which side likes BBQ chicken wings, ribs or a good hamburger more! We just love them!

In Madrid, for a few years now, there has been this perfect-hamburger craze, which we obviously applaud, but North American food is not just hamburgers! Luckily, we were able to try more than hamburgers during our visit to Mad Grill – in Justicia, near the Alonso Martínez metro (there is another one in La Latina named Mad Café).

The restaurant:

With white-washed brick walls, a giant steel sheet as the beer menu, bicycle wheels being used as lamps and a glass facade, Mad Grill has a pretty awesome New York vibe. And guess what? We were a group of six and we got a round table! YES! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It’s the best to have a round table when eating in a large group so that we can all have a conversation together.

What we tried:

Good news for the beer-lovers! They have craft beer, Madrileñas and North American. We first tried the Lager recommended by the waiter, who asked us what we liked and what we didn’t, and he was spot on. Ah! They also have beers on tap.

Now, the appetizers we all shared.

Aros de cebolla roja ligeramente rebozados – Lightly battered red onion rings:

Alitas de pollo de corral acompañadas de salsa BBQ a la cerveza – Free-range chicken wings in a BBQ-beer sauce:

These were both pretty good! The onion rings were appreciated by all. The batter was not that thick so they were way lighter than your typical onion rings (good choice!). But the real winner of the night was the chicken wings – their flavour and texture were perfect. A must-order, for sure!

California Burger con cheddar fundido y guacamole casero: 


California Burger with cheddar cheese and homemade guacamole:

Even though it wasn’t exactly a burger night (most of us decided on ribs) there was one person that wanted a hamburger. He ordered this one with guacamole and cheddar cheese, but there were 13 different kinds. Hard to choose! All of them come with a small lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion salad and a generous portion of homemade french fries that were delish. The meat is cooked the way you want it, to order, as it should be.

Costilla de cerdo con salsa BBQ casera y con salsa de mostaza: 

Pork ribs with homemade BBQ and mustard sauce:

As we said, most of us wanted to try ribs, and I think that we absolutely did the right thing. They explain in the menu that the ribs are cooked sous vide (partially cooked and then vacuum-sealed) for 15 hours and finished on the grill. They really did have a delicious (but we mean, dee-li-cious) grilled flavour and you could tell that they were slow-cooked because they literally melted in your mouth.  Most of us also gave big props to the BBQ and mustard sauce.

The ribs came with a cabbage salad and baby potatoes with sour cream and bacon bits. Both sides were pretty excellent.


Tarta de zanahoria y tarta de queso: 

Carrot cake and cheese cake:

How could we not end on a totally sweet American note? And what’s more North American than carrot cake and cheese cake? We shared both between the six of us and we were all more than satisfied. The portions were quite big and they were both great. If we had to choose… we think everyone enjoyed the carrot cake a bit more.

Final note: It’s usually pretty busy, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so, as we always say, way better to call and make a reservation!



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