Los Montes de Galicia

Los Montes de Galicia

Los Montes de Galicia is a restaurant with a long history in the Guindalera neighbourhood.

While it’s been around for more than twenty years, one year ago (Happy Anniversary!) they changed their look — but not their essence.

Los Montes de Galicia delivers a high quality, authentic, Galician dining experience.

The restaurant:

Los Montes de Galicia is an elegant space created with obvious attention to detail. The bar just off the entrance has high stools perfect for a glass of wine, a tapa or enjoying one of their cocktails.

To the left you’ll find the restaurant area with tables of all different shapes and sizes, some in semi-private nooks and crannies. There are tables near the windows and others further inside with a view the vertical glassed-in garden.

All in all, it’s a space as beautiful as its food is delicious.

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What we tried:

Cebiche-sashimi de vieiras con pipirrana de mango y ají amarillo

cebiche de vieiras

Scallop ceviche topped with a chopped mango-pepper salad

This first course was equally unexpected and exquisite. The delicate flavour of the scallop with the spiciness of the peppers surprised our palates and left us wanting more.

Sardina ahumada con puré de aguacate y tomate cherry

Smoked sardines with cherry tomatoes and an avocado purée

OOPS. We accidentally ate this before we could take a picture of it. *face palm*. Our bad! But we do remember it perfectly. It had a smoked flavour from the sardine, a richness from the avocado and an acidity from the tomato which all together made for an delicious bite. This was definitely one of our favourites.

Empanada casera de sardinas con tomate y tomillo limón

empanada de sardinas de Los Montes de Galicia

Sardine, tomato and lemon thyme empanada

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We love classics! This an empanada was one of those – a Galician classic – with a subtlety flavoured filling and delicately flaky pastry. We would have liked to have eaten more, but alas, there was so much more to try!

Foie de Pedro Ximénez con uvas pasas

Foie al Pedro Ximénez de Los Montes de Galicia

Foie in a Pedro Ximénez-raisin sauce

We give this course a solid 10/10. It was a generous portion, the perfect char, and the Pedro Ximénez sauce — OH, that sauce! It had a nice strong flavour with just a touch of Pedro Ximénez’s signature sweetness… Some people at the table that ate the sauce more than the foie.

Pulpo a feira con aceite de oliva virgen extra


Octopus ‘a feira’ with extra virgin olive oil

Another classic Galicia dish done right! (‘A feira’ is a Galician way of preparing the octopus). Nothing new here, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Octopus, paprika, olive oil and salt. Simply delicious.

We’ve tried octopus in many different places (we love us some pulpo) and this is definitely on the top of the list.

Buñuelos de bacalao crujientes con ali-oli de ajo asado

Buñuelos de bacalao de Los Montes de Galicia

Crispy cod fritters with a smoked garlic alioli

A crispy fritter with a creamy filling, the smoked garlic alioli makes them unique. They weren’t our favourite of the night but they were undeniably delicious.

Caldo gallego al estilo de mi aldea

Caldo gallego de Los Montes de Galicia

‘My Village style’ Galician soup 

This Galician soup was awesome! You know when you eat something that reminds you of a certain time, place or person? Like your grandmother’s chicken noodle soup? Well, this dish made us feel something. It totally reminded us of a homemade meal and put a huge smile on our faces!

Lomo bajo de vaca gallega

Carne gallega de Los Montes de Galicia

Galician sirloin

Just when we thought we were full, the meat arrived. The waitress explained that it was a sirloin that had been dry cured for 60 days. We were convinced of the usual, “I’m just going to try a bite and that’s all”…

Impossible. It was SO GOOD. We had more than just a few bites. We would never visit Los Montes de Galicia without ordering it.

And the potatoes! They, too, deserve a mention. The Canadian half of Fooding Madrid was transported directly to her mom’s house for a Sunday night roast dinner. Again, this Food gave us all the Feels

The desserts

Filloa rellena de mousse de queso

Tarta de queso gallego con confitura casera de fruta de la pasión y mango

Filloa rellena de mousse de queso de Los Montes de Galicia

Galician crepe (filloa) filled with cheese mousse

The filloa is an essential part of Galician cuisine and this one was particularly good. It is quite filling (we think only those with a real sweet tooth could finish this on their own) which makes it the perfect dessert to share!

Galician cheesecake with homemade passionfruit and mango jam

The cheesecake was smooth and delicious and while cóctel de Los Montes de Galiciaboth desserts were great (leave room for dessert!) the cheesecake beat out the filloa by a small margin.

And to top things off, this cocktail (we have to try these things for our beloved readers, after all!).

Los Montes de Galicia has an extensive cocktail list with many drinks made from orujo (a type of brandy from the north of Spain) which surprised us because it’s usually so hard to find! And for not being brandy connoisseurs by any means, we really liked it.

One final note: We have to tell you about the wine. They served a white wine (an Alabariño) from the Ribeiro region of Galicia. It’s delicate and refreshing, not sold in stores and only served here. If you like semi-dry white wines, give it a shot!

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