La Gabinoteca

La Gabinotecaa modern gastrobar tucked away into a quiet little Chamberian plaza, is just off the hustle and bustle of Calle Zurbano. It’s one of our favourite spots for elevated tapas, just steps from what the New York Times has called one of its ‘Favourite Streets in Europe’.


Grab this window seat (the only one on the first level) for a great view the lush green plants – even on a cold winter’s day.

The Restaurant:

Divided into three floors, La Gabinoteca has a distinct, funky and eclectic feel on every level. After being greeted on the main, you’ll be directed downstairs, to a bar/lounge area where you can find stools of different shapes/sizes (including one that looks suspiciously like a ski lift), or upstairs, where you can find long tables, round tables, booths and (thanks to a mesh wire wall) a fabulous view of the entire place below. A huge, main-floor-to-ceiling plate glass window bring the outdoors in.

IMG_7617What we tried:

La NO auténtica ensalada César 


The non-authentic Caesar salad

We were confused when this was on its way to our table. We thought the waiter was bringing a plant. To brighten up the decor? No. Wrong. That was our first course!

The Non-Authentic Caesar Salad comes in three pots. The plant (lettuce) comes in a ceramic pot with scissors so that you can trim, taste and build your salad plate as you please. Add some crispy chicken fingers and soft, buttery roasted eggplant from ceramic pot number two (behind right) before finishing it off with the creamy dressing and a squirt of lime from the silver metal pot (front right).

Not pictured: Croquetas de Jamon. They were buttery, light, fluffy mouthfuls of deliciousness. If you like croquettes, definitely try them. They won’t disappoint.

CONOMAKI de Chanquetes


Maki with fried whitebait

This dish was kind of complicated to eat. They were larger than a bite but not easy to split. The flavours were a intense but really tasty.

Tortilla con Brandada de Bacalao


Tortilla with a cod brandade

Who knows what a brandade is? We do (now)! This tortilla came with a brandade, or in other words, an emulsion of salt cod with olive oil. It was curiously delicate in flavour, salty, sweet and savoury. A definite must for any cod/tortilla lover.

Pulpo churruscadito


Grilled octopus

We love our octopus, and this dish is no exception. Barbecued octopus with cherry tomatoes and two types of sauce: an alioli and a pumpkin puree.

Carrillera de ternera como las hace Nino


Nino style beef cheeks

These beefs cheeks and potato puree literally fell apart in our mouths. The potatoes were so smooth, the sauce incredibly rich and the cheeks, tender. We were stuffed at this point (only two people on this trip!) but still managed to polish off every last bit.


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