New Year’s Resolution: Cook more, cook bette...

New Year’s Resolution: Cook more, cook better

Happy New Year Foodies! We here at Fooding Madrid have some resolutions. How about you?

One of ours is getting to know Madrid better and sharing it all with you! Another is cooking. Cooking more, cooking better and trying new recipes. We’ve found something to help us and it’s called Kukit.

Every week, Kukit sends out ingredients to make three different recipes. How does that help us with our resolution you ask? Well, in a lot of ways!

Firstly, it saves us time and money. How many times have you gone to the grocery store and ended up with a bunch things you didn’t really need (or planned to use in something but weren’t quite sure what), and ended up forgetting the thing you really wanted in the first place? We have. A lot. Kukit saves us the trip.

Secondly, we’re learning how to cook new recipes! It could be chicken tikka masala, false risotto, black rice… there are so many things that without a push we would never think to try. When we finished our first recipe (below) we felt so Masterchef.

Thirdly, with Kukit it’s harder to waste food. The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture reported that nearly 1.326 billion kilograms of food end up in the trash in Spanish households alone. (Worldwide, one third of all food is wasted). With this system, you receive a refrigerated box filled with the exact amount of ingredients you need to prepare the three recipes for two or four people.


Another nice feature is that it can be delivered whenever and wherever we want. Ours was scheduled for mid-afternoon and delivered within the hour range we had requested.


As you can see, the ingredients are refrigerated, pre-measured and outlined on three separate recipe cards.

Ingredientes y recetas de Kukit

Each ingredient comes in a small bag marked with its contents and the name of the recipe it will be used in. It’s literally impossible to mess up. We also love that it allows us to cook with fun things we may have never used before (see far right – squid ink!).  Zero risk, high reward.

Recetas explicadas de Kukit

The sturdy recipes cards give instructions that are visual, clear and concise. They give little recommendations along the way (how to cut, clean, stir, etc.) that improve the recipe and our cooking skills. They are all in Spanish.

Look at our first experience with Kukit (below). See the ink in the black rice with baby squid? Not to toot our own horn, but it was DELICIOUS. We couldn’t really believe we had made it ourselves.

Arroz negro con calamares de Kukit

Recipe two, a mushroom soup, was also tasty. It was healthy and comforting and helped combat the cold (plus it gave us some ideas for future purée preparation).

Crema de setas de Kukti

The third recipe was a stuffed chicken breast… but we ate it before we took the pic.

Another New Year’s resolution: patience.

If cooking better is also one of your New Year’s resolutions, we can help! Use the code ‘FOODINGMADRID’ at Kukit to get 50% off your first order.

You can always cancel a single order or your subscription whenever you want, so try it out and let us know what you think!

  1. Susan Eliason

    10 January

    Hi Kristin and Bea!

    This is a brilliant idea/concept! Although we all have good intentions, it seems that in the end, we’re all guilty of wasting food no matter how carefully we plan. Obviously, the less food we waste, the better!

    With Kukit it appears there is no waste and in addition, you can be create some exciting new recipes. A win-win for sure!

    Keep up the good work on your blog. I really enjoy reading each new posting complete with a colourful description of each dish as well as photos that literally make my mouth water!

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