Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo is a modern Japanese izakaya restaurant (afterwork gastropub) right off Gran Via.

The restaurant is divided into two areas, the gastropub and the bakery/matcha bar. There are different menus for each.

The gastropub opens at 13:30 and the bakery at 17:00. So, it being 14:00, we went to the gastropub for lunch!

Local Hattori Hanzo

The restaurant:

Comedor Hattori Hanzo

It’s a cool space – the music is great and the decor is a modern take on classic Japanese decor.

There are benches built up around the tables so that it has all the look of floor-style dining, without the potential discomfort of actually being on the floor. The only trick is getting in and out of the tables (PSA: skirts/dresses are not really recommended).

What we ordered:

Maguro Tataki

Tataki de atún de Hattori Hanzo

This tuna was notably fresh and just slightly seared on the outside. It melted like butter in our mouths. It was served alongside Japanese mustard greens and toasted sesame seeds. The two sauces were yuzu-kosho (chili, yuzu and salt) and Japanese plum.


Pollo en tempura de Hattori Hanzo

This free-range chicken was tempura fried in ‘katakuriko’, a potato starch. It was incredibly juicy on the inside and had a good crunch on the outside.


Takkoyabi en Hattori Hanzo

We were fascinated by the moving algae on top of these octopus and ginger ball. It kept moving even after it got to our table (video here). It had an interesting mixture of flavours and textures that were enjoyed by some members of our tables more than others.

Aromas de Yamazaki

Ternera de vaca gallega en Hattori Hanzo

This dish was undoubtedly the star of the meal. Seared Galician beef on top of browned pumpkin purée, aged Japanese whisky and curry granola. The flavours – while they sound strong – completely complemented each other and the beef was mouthwateringly tender.

Osaka Okonomiyaki

Osakaokonomiyaki de Hattori Hanzo

According to the menu, this dish is something young people in Osaka typically order. We found it pretty heavy and didn’t exactly love it. It consists of Japanese dough, dashi (fish and kelp stock), cabbage, nori (seaweed), katsuobushi (dried seaweed), pancetta and shiitake mushrooms.


Fuiji postre de Hattori Hanzo

This is one of those dishes that is so Fooding — so fun to eat!

The cone on the left was like a dark chocolate and green tea lava cake filled with white chocolate. There were cranberries and raspberries to cut the richness of the chocolate, a lighter hazelnut chocolate, cherry ice cream and Sichuan peppercorns. All of the flavours worked so well together. We were blown away.

Just FYI: It takes about 15 minutes to prepare, so if you’re in a rush make sure you order it before you begin


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