El Porrón Canalla

In the Triball neighbourhood just off Gran Via, El Porrón Canalla has become a classic for those who love a good sandwich. And who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Their slogan is ‘Bocatas de Madre’ (Mom’s sandwich) and boy, are they ever.

The restaurant:

There’s no exact translation for the use of ‘canalla’ here, the dictionary will give you anything from scoundrel to swine to gangster. So, we’re going to use ganger (’cause we like it).

It’s a gangster space with an industrial feel. It has long and high tables where you can share a ‘porrón’ (similar to a wine pitcher) of wine or beer with friends or – depending on how many porrones you have – strangers!

Don’t know how to drink from a porrón? No worries; they’ll give you a bib. The overall concept is different and really fun but if you don’t feel like giving it a try, they will give you a glass.

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The service here is great and if you ask for recommendations they’ll tell you what’s new on the menu and which are their favourites. They change up the selection pretty frequently so it’s good to ask.

All the sandwiches are made with fresh, quality ingredients. They have big sandwiches, small ones… cold ones, hot ones – even sweet ones!  Great, delicious sammies for everyone.

The #bocatademadre we tried:

Mollete with fresh sausage

Sausages made of 100% veal, green peppers and ‘canalla sauce’ (tastes like a thick beef stew). Amazingly good!

Bocadillo de salchichas de El Porrón Canalla

Barrita with fresh sausages and tuna

The barrita bun is about half the size of the mollete. It’s available in normal or Ciabatta. We tried the cold tuna and it was good, but we thought it would be fairly easy to make at home.

Pincho de salchichas de El Porrón Canalla

Mollete with Iberian pork cheek

Beautifully stewed Iberian pork cheek, egg, olives and onions. Mom’s best sandwich in Madrid.

Mollete de carrilleras en El Porrón Canalla

Molletes de carrilleras de El Porrón Canalla

We love the idea of sharing tables, meeting people, eating amazing sandwiches and sharing a porrón between friends. Of course, these aren’t your average sandwiches so they don’t have average prices, but we think they’re worth every penny.


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