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La Latina is definitely one of our favourite neighbourhoods to hang out in. It’s always full of life and, on Sundays in particular, has a real madrileño feel. But we admit sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to have a sit down meal. Concepto Bistro changes all that.

The restaurant:

Located on a side street just off Carrera de San Francisco, Concepto Bistro was a lucky find. Located on Calle de las Aguas, its unassuming facade and small space means there are always just the right amount of people in the place. The service is friendly and attentive, and the food, well, let’s just say it well exceeded our expectations.

The menu changes pretty regularly because they use seasonal products, but based on what we had when we visited, we would bet any offerings they have on the menu are amazing.

Also keep in mind that they currently have 30% off on TheFork/ElTenedor, including drinks!

What we tried:

Empanada Argentina de carne con chimichurri


Argentinian meat empanada with chimichurri

These were amazing. The outside was extra crispy and flaky, which is important to us when it comes to an empanada (nothing worse than soggy dough!). The inside was tender and flavourful and the chimichurri gave an extra kick of flavour on the side. We would definitely order these again.

For those of you that are wine lovers, we also particularly enjoyed this red wine that the waitress recommended. We didn’t get the name, but can tell you it was from Catalonia and had a really robust flavour. Ask the waitress, we’re sure she’d be happy to serve it!

Pato confitado salteado con pak choi, cebolla caramelizada, reducción de oporto y anís


Duck confit with bok choy, caramelized onion, port reduction and anise

This dish was like the perfect combination of sweet, savoury, rich, crispy and tender. The duck was cooked flawlessly, the bok choy was well-cooked but still had a good crunch to it and the mixture of the caramelized onion with the port and anise made for a sweet and savoury sauce that covered the whole plate. Another one that we would surely order again.

Pesca del día


Fish of the day

This dish was simplicity prepared impeccably. The fish was delicate and flaky while the skin was crispy and flavourful. The grilled asparagus it was served on was also nicely seasoned and, again, fork tender without losing its crisp. At this point we were beyond full (the portions are generous) but we decided we needed to try the dessert.

Isla flotante, crema inglesa, reducción de citricos con cardamomo y Maracuya fresco


Floating island, custard, citrus reduction with cardamom and fresh passionfruit

This is the perfect dessert if; a. you want something light, and b. you love citrus. The passionfruit is a tad sweet, but the reality is that the reduction has quite a strong citrus flavour and the floating island and custard do little to cut through that. That being said, it’s a nice palate cleanser at the end of a meal and it is much lighter than your typical brownie or cheesecake. It really depends on your tastes.



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