‘Todo es felicidá’

One of the many pleasures of Madrid’s ‘buenos, bonitos y baratos’ (‘goods, beautifuls and cheaps’) is a relaxing walk through its streets, looking at the facades of its many gorgeous buildings.

That was how we found this building we loved, strolling through the streets of the Justicia neighbourhood one day, on our way to Mamá Framboise.

It is (was) located at the intersection of Calle Campoamor and Orellana.

It is (was) called  ‘Todo es Felicidá’ (‘Everything is happiness’).

We say ‘was’ and ‘called’ because the giant painting, located on the facade of that building, painted by Jack Babiloni in 2008, is about to disappear in a few days.

Why? Well, a bureaucratic problem is the beginning of the end for this building that cheered up pedestrians just walking by.

Without getting into whether the government’s decision is fair or unfair, we here at Fooding Madrid are extremely sad that this amazing work will disappear.


The painting, a ‘modern’ interpretation of nearly 70 figures from Greek and Roman mythology, was painted on the face of this 19th century mansion by Babiloni in 2008. He completed it in just 20 days using four colours – blue, yellow, red and ochre. An urban masterpiece that, unfortunately, we will shortly no longer be able to see.


Here at Fooding Madrid, we prefer to keep this image with us along with its message:

‘Everything is happiness’. 


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