L’entrecote Cafe de Paris

L’entrecote Cafe de Paris

If you love steak frites and want them done right, L’entrecote Cafe de Paris is the place to go.

The restaurant:

The atmosphere, much like the menu, is perfect: simple and uncomplicated. As a franchise that started in Geneva in 1930, Cafe de Paris’ decor – black and white checkered floors, red velvet drapes and upholstered benches – has the air of old French cuisine. We think it creates the perfect atmosphere for the classic (and only!) meal they serve here.

What we ordered:

Steak frites, of course. They don’t serve anything else, except for the generously-dressed green salad that comes at the beginning of the meal.

The only decisions you need to make are: how you like your meat, what kind of wine you want and how many fries you can eat. In our case: medium-rare, red and lots.

When it gets to your table, the steak is already so tender. It cooks itself slowly on a Bunsen burner warmed tray, simmering in an amazing butter sauce that’s so delicious the recipe hasn’t changed in nearly a century.

You can have as many fries as you’d like, but if you want to use them to keep sopping up that sauce, you have to pay for extra sauce.

Drinks and dessert are not included. Desserts range between 5 – 10€ and a glass of wine from 2.50 – 3.50€.

The total cost of the menu (drinks and dessert not included) is 22€. And, we think, worth every penny.

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