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Welcome to Bump Green. A restaurant that serves Food with Spirit.


Why? Well, because they follow the Slow Food movement, a philosophy which (long story short) encourages people to get back to basics by cultivating interest in local and traditional cuisine. All of Bump Green’s products come from Spain. It is the ‘anti-fast food’.

The restaurant:

Located just steps from Retiro Park on calle Velázquez, Bump Green’s elegant storefront is a breath of fresh air on a busy street.


Stepping in, it’s even more relaxed, with a lush eat-in area towards the back (complete with an indoor terrace), a more casual, cafe-like spot towards the front and a take-out counter. Healthy food to-go? Count us in! There are also various organic, sustainable products that you can discover and purchase throughout the space.


This is a restaurant for anyone, with any dietary restrictions, likes or dislikes. Bump Green offers foods ranging from gluten-free to vegan options, but they also have meat, fish and cold-pressed juices.


What we ordered:

Coca-pizza de verduras de la huerta: berenjena, tomate pasificado, crema de almendras, tapenade y brotes


Coca-pizza with farm vegetables: Eggplant, dehydrated tomato, almond cream, tapenade and sprouts.

This plate had a very thin, crispy crust and was just covered in the most delicious roasted vegetables. Some of the vegetables had more of a char than the others and gave a really nice smoky flavour, while others were more delicate. It was a nice mix. Oh! And the almond cream tasted just like cheese but it was completely vegan.

Ceviche de pescado blanco macerado en jengibre, limón y cilantro servido con brotes ácidosceviche-bump-green

White fish ceviche macerated with ginger, lemon and cilantro, served with acidic sprouts.

The fish was really tender and flavourful. It had a nice kick from the ginger and was definitely on point with the acid from the lemon.

Texturas de cacao: pastel de chocolate Bump Green con arena salada de cacao, avellanas caramelizadas y helado de cacahuete del “Collaret”


Textures of Cocoa: Bump Green chocolate cake with salty chocolate ‘sand’, caramelized hazelnuts and “Collaret” peanut ice cream

This dessert was amazing. If you read our post for La Gloria, you’ll know that we’re suckers for a good textured plate and this fully delivered on that promise. It was salty, sweet, savoury, crunchy, creamy and rich. The only thing we wanted was more ice cream to help finish the cake – but we finished easily anyways. And happily.


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