Bar Casa Paco

Bar Casa Paco is definitely an Argüelles neighbourhood favourite. On any given day, people are standing elbow-to-elbow along the bar and the tables are jam-packed.

If you ask me, it’s for the tortilla and croquettes.


They have some tortilla lined up under the glass-topped bar, but in the back is where the real magic happens. The tortilla gets cut and served so quickly that it is constantly being cooked behind the scenes.Casa-Paco-BarBar-Casa-Paco-2

This is not just your run-of-the-mill Spanish omelette, either (although theirs is great). Casa Paco offers more than 30 kinds! Some flavours you may find: ham and cheese, butifarra with goat cheese, gulas, salmon with roquefort cheese, sausage, apple with foie, zucchini, eggplant… and the list goes on.

They also have croquettes. The selection of these changes pretty frequently, too, so check in often – even if you’re don’t like the flavours they have today – there will be more tomorrow.

Note: The croquettes are huge. We split two (after our two pinchos of tortilla, granted) and were pretty full. 


Update: We went again. And the croquettes are still huge. This time we split three, no tortilla. Great snack. 

What did we try in particular on this trip? Our favourite tortilla, caramelized leek, and another we enjoyed equally, sirloin with caramelized onion. For the croquettes, caramelized onion with goat cheese and oxtail. Both delicious, as always!

(Second trip we tried the cod, caramelized leek and jamon croquettes. We couldn’t even pick a favourite. They were all great.)


Even if you’re not in the mood for a bar, don’t worry. Casa Paco also offers these things to go. We’ve taken tortilla home on more than one occasion, for friends, family and parties, and never had a bite left the following day.

Hm. Maybe next time we’ll have to order two…


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  1. Javier

    23 April

    They are good, I also recommend bar Dover in hortaleza neighborhood.

    • foodingmadrid

      23 April

      Thanks for the recommendation! We haven’t tried it yet, but we’ll definitely have to add it to our list.

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