After many recommendations, we finally made it to Bacira. Located just steps from the beautiful Plaza de Olavide and Iglesia metro stop, we had high hopes. Did it live up to our expectations? Read on to find out!

The restaurant:

The atmosphere is decidedly elegant from the moment you walk in. We arrived at 14:00 and it was quiet, but it soon filled up! In fact, we had to reserve three weeks in advance just to get a table.


We each ordered a glass of white wine – a light, fruity sauvignon blanc. It was a pleasant change from the Ruedas we usually order.

We sat upstairs, but there is also a downstairs area. We would say a table upstairs it’s preferable if possible, because it’s a lot brighter and less closed-in.

What we ordered:

Before our meal arrived, we were served a scrumptious appetizer.


It was Thai-spiced beef between two fried banana chips. We are not exaggerating when we say THIS WAS AMAZING. It looks simple but it packed so much flavour into two bites.

Ceviche de corvina


Our first dish was a sea bass ceviche. At first, we were a little overwhelmed by the acidity, but as the ceviche sat, the corn and fish soaked up the liquid and mellowed the flavours out quite a bit. If you love citrus then this is for you, but if you don’t we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it – it’s pretty intense.

Pulpo a la parrilla con ensalada de quinoa, causa limeña al ají amarillo, oliva peruana y chimichurri de cilantro


Grilled octopus with a quinoa salad, ‘causa limeńa al ají amarillo’ (essentially potato emulsified with yellow peppers), Peruvian olives and a cilantro chimichurri

So far, the theme of this meal has been a series of strong, bold flavours. This dish fits into that mould. It was bright, colourful and extremely flavourful. The octopus had a smoky richness, the ‘causa limeña al ahi amarillo’ gave a spicy yet smooth note and the quinoa added an earthy crunch. Again, like the ceviche, this got better the longer it sat at our table. This one, we would recommend! But what we would recommend even more is what’s coming next…

Albóndigas guisadas de rabo de toro con puré especiado de patata


Stewed oxtail meatballs served with a spiced potato purée 

We strongly recommend that you order these! We’re still DREAMING about them. We’re salivating as we write.

The three meatballs are served at the table under a glass dome filled with aromatic smoke that is released directly under your nose. That wins Fooding points right off the bat – we love a dining experience!

Then, and mostly importantly, they’re DIVINE. The meat is so tender and has that savoury, been-stewing-all-day flavour and texture. The potato puree was smooth and rich. We would go back to Bacira, again and again, just for this dish.

Torrija caramelizada con sopa de vainilla y lemongrass con helado de canela

Carmelized torrijas in a vanilla and lemongrass soup served with cinnamon ice cream

We chose this as the light dessert choice and it was pretty good! The torrija had a nice, almost creme-brulee type crust on it, the ‘soup’ was very citric and the ice cream was definitely packed full of cinnamon flavour. I’m not sure we’d order it again, but we enjoyed it while it lasted!


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