We are on a quest to find the best hamburger in Madrid. In June, this led us north to Barrio del Pilar where we found ALRIGHT.

ALRIGHT serves ‘American Food, made with love‘. They have hamburgers, ribs, chicken wings, salads, nachos and a croquette that is curiously similar to a jalapeño popper.

The restaurant:

Although the restaurant is just off of the M-30, the interior is chill and cozy. They’ve decorated with a mix of pop art and NYC landscapes. They have high and low tops, long and short tables, for groups big and small. Overall, we found it to be a bright and cheerful space, just like the staff. One thing to keep in mind: it’s not always easy to get a table, so it’s good to call in advance.

What we tried:

Jalapeño croquettes

For someone who doesn’t love really spicy food, these were perfect. They had a kick but weren’t overwhelmingly hot. They were rich and creamy on the inside with a thin, perfect crisp on the outside. We would definitely order these again; they were an excellent start to the meal.

ALRIGHT ribs & Chrysler Cheese Burger

We went to ALRIGHT specifically because our partner-in-crime for the day LOVES ribs and is always looking for an American-style rib that will satisfy his craving. These were pretty good! The meat was literally falling off the bone and the sauce was sticky, tangy and finger-licking-good.

The portion of french fries was quite generous and they were perfectly cooked and seasoned, too. The only thing we would say is that we wished there was more meat on the ribs! For that reason alone, we have to say our dish-of-the-day was the…

Chrysler Cheese Burger!!

You guys. This burger was SO GOOD. The meat was tender and juicy and the way it was seared added a delicious grilled flavour. The bread was soft but toasted at the same time (nothing worse than soggy bread, right?). The cheddar cheese was bubbling and hot. And to top it all off, we added some caramelized onion that really brought a nice sweetness to the whole thing.

It was amazing. The potatoes were too. And the portions were so generous and filling we would consider going back to share just one burger for two people. For all your burger lovers out there: Have you tried Alright? What did you think?

What is your favourite hamburger place in Madrid?

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