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Hi! We’re Bea and Kristin. Secret’s out: We’ve got some serious foodings for Madrid.

quienessomosredondo-e1473894650393We are so proud to call it our city. Ours by choice, not by birth. Two
girls, one Canadian, one Spanish, with the same love for food and all things madrileño.


It’s not just the way the city looks, nor even the way it gives us so many opportunities to sample delicious fare; it’s the way it makes us feel.


That’s right. Food + Feeling. Welcome to Fooding Madrid.


Here, you will only find things that we’ve tried and recommend wholeheartedly. We will not write about restaurants, places, experiences or products that we wouldn’t want to read about ourselves. We will only suggest things & places we’ve enjoyed personally.


And, to round it all off, we write everything only in our native languages, so that we can share these discoveries, tips and tricks with as many people are possible, in the best possible way.


We are so happy you’ve come to join us on our journey! Can’t wait to see what comes next…



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