90 Grados

90 Grados

micuit de pato en 90 grados

90 Grados is a restaurant you can count on any time.

Its restaurant, private area and terrace are open all throughout the year thanks to glass panelling that opens/closes depending on the weather.

Its kitchen is open all day from 12:00-2:00.

Its terrace bar is absolutely the perfect place to finish off your dinner by having a few drinks(sss).

The restaurant:

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What we tried:

Bread, oil and salt

Pan como aceite en restaurante 90 grados

We’re suckers for bread and olive oil. So when the waiter brought us a plate, filled it with olive oil/coarse salt and set down next to it a ‘basket’ of super crusty bread, our smiles spread from ear to ear. We thought to ourselves, ‘This is definitely off to a good start”.

Both halves of Fooding Madrid went for this lunch at 90 grados (a typical work meeting, you know 😉 ), and since we both like it when waiters recommend things off the menu for us, we asked for their suggestions on what to order.

The waiters were super friendly and attentive. They told us that the Tomahawk de Ternera (Tomahawk steak) was one of their most popular dishes, but since it’s about one and a half kilos of meat and we wanted to try a bunch of things, we left it for another time.

We ordered a few appetizers and one entrée to share.

Lingote de micuit de pato

Lingote de micuti de pato en restaurante 90 grados

I can’t translate the title because I think it’s too pretty in Spanish, but essentially it’s a block of semi-cooked duck foie gras. And let us say, for those of you who love foie gras (US!), don’t think twice about ordering this. It’s AMAZING.

From the moment they brought it to the table, we were impressed. A block of gold on a mirrored tile, it consists of a large piece of micuit de pato covered in gold dust on a plate sprinkled with crushed pistachios.

On the side there’s a shot glass with a violet-flavoured jam and toasted bread drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The jam totally surprised us! It made every bite a little sweet, which completely transformed the salty richness of the foie.

This was a great Fooding discovery and we would definitely order it again.

Pecera de ceviche


Ceviche fishbowl 

The presentation was spot on, served in a fish bowl shaped like a wine decanter. The colours were gorgeous, with pink octopi, yellow corn, green lime, lettuce, cilantro and a purple potato. The purple potato we thought added more colour than flavour, but it certainly didn’t detract from the dish and it did add texture.

We loved the level of citrus and thought the octopi were cooked perfectly. The shredded lettuce at the bottom was a bit much for us, but to each their own.

Láminas de pulpo a la parrilla

selección de tartas en restaurante 90 grados

Grilled octopus slices 

There was one half of Fooding (we won’t say which) that gave this her biggest Fooding star. She loved the way the octopus was cooked, with that delicious chargrilled flavour, and she thought the slices were the perfect size.

It came served over a potato-paprika puree, which was good but dense, and topped with salt flakes. In one word: Incredible!

Tartar de atún 3 gustos:

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Tuna tartar three ways 

This was more than an entree; it was a game. Each one of these mini-tartars was topped with different spherifications (when liquids are made into solid spheres). The one on the left was topped with fish eggs, the one in the middle with yuzu (a citrus fruit from Japan) and the one on the right with passionfruit.

Thanks to the spherifications each portion of the tartar had such a distinct flavour – from salty, to sour,  to sweet – brought on by the literal explosion of these little spheres in your mouth with every bite. It made for a really fun and entertaining dish.

Food + Feeling? This tuna tartar three ways is Fooding all the way.

Selección de tartas

Selección de tartas en 90 grados

Cake tasting 

After the first four dishes, we were full. So when waitress suggested we try a tasting of their cakes rather than an entire dessert, we listened!

The cakes (chocolate, cheese and carrot) were amazing. We couldn’t quite decide on which one was best (one of said chocolate and the other carrot), we did agree on one thing – definitely get dessert.

Cócteles: Frozen daikiri de fresa y Blue demon

cócteles en 90 grados

Cocktails: Frozen strawberry daiquiri and Blue demon 

To finish this meeting off right, we ordered two cocktails. The one on the left is the frozen strawberry daiquiri and the one on the right is the Blue Demon.

The daiquiri had rum, simple syrup and strawberries. The Blue Demon had vodka, blue curaçao, apple syrup, lime juice and spearmint. We ordered them both with limited alcohol, but FYI: in the Blue Demon you can definitely taste it more.

For more information on what 90 grados has to offer (menu del dia, brunch, their full menu, the terrace and more), click here.


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